Brits top spenders on gifts this Christmas

27 November 2014 ... min read Listen

Today, ING released the results of its new survey on Christmas spending behavior and New Year’s resolutions. The survey, conducted across 13 countries and among almost 13,000 respondents across Europe and Turkey found that of those with a clear idea of what they are likely to spend this Christmas, Brits had the highest aspirations.

However, the survey also shows that, when looking at proportion of average income, consumers in Romania then jump to the top spot – while the amount they plan to spend may be a more modest €110, this in fact equates to one third (33%) of the average net monthly salary. In these terms, the Czech Republic (24%) and UK (17%) follow.

The occurrence of big-spender-Brits and Romanians is in fact not the first - last year more consumers in these countries found themselves in debt after Christmas than anywhere else in Europe (14% and 20% versus a European average of 9%).

ING International Survey also shows that money is the hot topic for 2015 resolutions. However, despite the good intentions in January, only 54% of European consumers who had a financial New Year resolution in 2014 say they kept it.

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Read the latest ING International Survey – Christmas and New Year Special Report and the full press release on The survey was conducted by Ipsos on behalf of ING.

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