Do you want to transfer money? Just say it out loud!

11 September 2014 ... min read

ING is the first bank in Europe to provide hands-free banking by introducing a voice control mode in its mobile banking app in the Netherlands. Named Inge, the voice control mode enables hands-free banking as an alternative to banking via a touch screen.


By adding the voice control mode to its Mobile Banking App, ING is responding to the future trend of increasingly speech-operated devices.

“Inge is a new way of making mobile banking easy for our customers. The feature makes it possible, for instance, to read out loud the requested IBAN number instead of typing it, which makes handling your banking affairs easier,” said Max Mouwen, general manager of Internet and Mobile ING Netherlands.

“Listen to my voice and you will know who I am”

Every voice has its own specific qualities, making it suitable as a unique and secure password. Customers can enable or disable voice control through the set-up menu in the Mobile Banking App.

In the video above, trendwatcher Erwin van der Zande shares his vision on game-changing voice technology and cutting-edge virtual assistants. Meerte Michels, senior Marketeer ING mobile banking, demonstrates the use of Inge.

Step-by-step introduction: voice control and voice recognition

The voice control mode will be introduced step-by-step in the Netherlands, where 1.9 million of our ING customers are currently using of the ING Mobile Banking App, and logging in on average six times a week.

As a first step, ING customers will be able to start using Inge and their voice to check their bank balances or give payment orders as from mid-September. Authorisation and logging on through voice recognition is expected to be introduced later this year. ING thinks it is important to introduce Inge gradually and to learn from customer experience. ING is therefore inviting a select group of customers, to start using voice recognition prior to its kick-off. Customer feedback will be used to further improve this new mode before voice recognition is introduced to all customers.

More information on the introduction of Inge in the Dutch press release.

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