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06 July 2020 ... min read

Everyone likes a deal, right? But none of us like being spammed with offers, many of which we don’t trust. Those days could soon be over with the introduction of a new ING initiative that brings all the best deals to customers – and even gives them cashback on their shopping.

Called DealWise, it’s now available as a stand-alone app in Romania, but is expected to be incorporated into ING banking apps in the future.

The television advertisement launch of DealWise in Romania

So, what is it?

DealWise is a shopping platform that gathers cashback deals and great discounts in one place. Developed by ING as a ‘beyond banking’ service, the DealWise app is available to any consumer (not necessarily an ING customer) with a bank account. In the future, it will provide extra benefits to ING customers by being integrated into ING banking apps. DealWise helps consumers choose the most relevant deal and at the same time it helps merchants to find and retain targeted clients.

So how do customers and merchants benefit?

DealWise not only takes away the hassle of finding a good offer, but also helps consumers save on their daily spending by promoting healthier financial behaviour. The cashback aspect of DealWise is seamless. You buy something and get money paid back into your bank account. All consumers can get money back after buying from specific shops. This cashback is on top of the store’s other discounts.

For merchants, DealWise is the platform to be present on. From here, they can better understand, acquire, develop and maintain customers. This opportunity to know their audience better allows a merchant’s brand to become more relevant and turn existing customers into loyal ones. Merchants can also use insights to create relevant offers for consumers.

How did this idea come about and evolve?

DealWise combines ING’s wish to explore new platforms and its experiences with shopping initiatives from different countries. In Romania, ING Bazar, the shopping platform for ING in Romania customers, has enabled the DealWise team to validate the shopping deals on offer.

The implementation was undertaken by an international cross-functional team with representatives from innovation, product development, IT and shopping experts.

What are long-term plans for DealWise?

DealWise wants to be the go-to place for shopping deals. By including gamification and social features in the app, it hopes to cover all consumer needs with relevant offers based on their behaviour.

DealWise is currently available in Romania but other countries will gradually be brought into the fold. Of these, Germany and Belgium are expected to be included in 2020.

What ING is saying…

DealWise provides customers with relevant discounts from top brands. Customers can choose their level of personal-isation. We started in Romania and customers love it! It’s an opportunity to join a movement against overspending and against buying at the full price. A mobile app with deals that encourage people to stay in, stay safe… and importantly, not overspend.

Katharina Hermann

- Katharina Herrmann, ING global head of Platforms and Beyond Banking.

DealWise is a great example of ING’s vision on innovation: building on a changing environment, using our assets and capabilities to empower customers and deliver them tangible value.

Benoît Legrand

– Benoît Legrand, ING chief innovation officer.

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