New Dutch cards to feature angular notch

27 February 2024 11:00 CET ... min read

For customers with a visual impairment, distinguishing which bank card is which and how it should be used, can be a challenge.

ING in the Netherlands and Mastercard have come up with a solution with the introduction of Touch Card: a credit card with a new, angular notch. This adjustment helps customers with a visual impairment to distinguish between different payment cards.

ING in the Netherlands debit cards will keep the round notch, while credit cards will have an angular notch. ING is the first bank In the Netherlands to offer this.

With this introduction, Mastercard aims to set a global standard. Touch Card is designed to increase independence while making payments for people with visual impairments.

In the Netherlands, approximately 300,000 people have a visual impairment.
The Eye Association in the Netherlands is happy with this development saying the new notch makes it quickly clear what the right card is and how it should be used at a PIN or payment terminal.

Guido Bosch, head of Private Individuals at ING in the Netherlands said we believe it is important that our services are accessible to everyone, including customers with a visual impairment.

“A small corner on our credit card that is different from the round notch on our debit card makes a big difference. This application fits in with our efforts to continuously improve accessibility,” he said.

From today, new and existing ING private and business customers will receive a credit card with an angular notch when they apply for a new credit card. All ING customers will gradually receive the new cards.

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ING is the first bank in Belgium to introduce to introduce a payment card with a notch for customers with a visual impairment

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