New Dutch functionality to unmask scammers

21 March 2024 10:00 CET ... min read

ING in the Netherlands is set to introduce a new way of unmasking scammers with its new ‘check the conversation’ functionality.

The new app feature to be phased in next week, allows customers to immediately check whether a caller who contacts them is actually an ING employee.

The move is designed to combat scammers who impersonate ING employees.

Emotional and financial damage

ING in the Netherlands director of Fraud, Adine Wempe said bank helpdesk fraud is a common scam, where the emotional and financial damage can be enormous.

“Unfortunately, criminals regularly manage to convince customers that their money is not safe through chat tricks. They pretend to be ING employees and persuade customers to transfer money or hand over their card.

Adine said with the new feature, customers can check whether they are actually in contact with us by phone.

“In this way, together with our customers, we can do even more to recognise and prevent fraud," she said.

Cooperative approach

Taking a cooperative approach to preventing fraud, ING will share their experiences of the new functionality with other Dutch banks.

The Dutch Banking Association has estimated that 28 million euros damage was caused by bank helpdesk fraud in 2023.

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