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30 January 2018 ... min read Listen

30 January 2018

Technology may have advanced, but when it comes to valuable papers, we remain creatures of habit. Some people, an ING poll has found, spend as much as six to eight hours a week sorting out their most important documents, which they keep in drawers and… shoeboxes.

Once set up, the ‘digital shoebox’ gives users a single platform for their administration and banking.

It’s why ING in the Netherlands created the ‘digital shoebox’, a mobile banking app that makes it easier for clients to do their administration.

Forget about paperwork

Named ‘Receipts & invoices’, this digital shoebox allows small business clients to use their phone’s camera to scan receipts and bills, then link them directly to transactions. This helps them track their income, expenses and their tax payments in real time.

Sibel Batman

Sibel Batman

“Collecting and administrating receipts and invoices has always been a hassle for clients. They tend to lose them or store them in shoeboxes and drawers,” said Sibel Batman, product owner.

“The ‘digital shoebox’ feature makes their lives easier and frees up time to spend on running their business.”

Once set up, the ‘digital shoebox’ gives users a single platform for their administration and banking.

Constant improvement

The feature, launched last November, has over 42,000 users on Android and iOS. Available only in the Netherlands for now, the ‘digital shoebox’ is built on technology that is easy to replicate in other ING countries.

But with an eye on new features and constant improvement, the team is welcoming comments from users.

Like feedback from freelance artist, Monica van Koppenhagen, who is one of the feature’s early adaptors.

“I have customers in different countries, which means a lot of administration to do. As soon as I found out about the feature I started using it. It works very well for me,” she said.

“But every country has different tax rates, which makes it even more of a hassle for me to sort out papers. It would be great to have the taxes convertible and directly linked to the country of origin.”

“We are receiving continuous feedback from clients, which is great. This way, we can prioritise and build new features that they need the most,” Sibel said.

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