Podcast: Let’s talk innovation

26 October 2020 ... min read Listen

ING is serious about innovation and has the stories to prove it. Over the next month, we'll be publishing a four-part podcast series called 'Let's Talk Innovation' in conjunction with Dutch radio station BNR. It will delve into ING's innovation approach as well as trends both inside and outside the financial sector.

Listen to the podcast on BNR.nl

Listen to the podcast on BNR.nl

In the first podcast, Olivier Guillaumond, ING’s global head of Innovation Labs and Fintechs and Jeff Tijssen, global head of Consulting at 11:FS join host Jonathan Groubert to explain why innovation is more than a buzzword.

They talk about what happens when companies fail to embrace innovation. The need to keep putting customers at the heart of everything you do. The most exciting new developments as well as the pitfalls of innovation.

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