Poland airs smog-free campaign

20 February 2018 ... min read Listen

20 February 2018

A new campaign in Poland is inspiring people to take action and make the air cleaner.

The one thing Polish people have in common is invisible.

It’s the air they breathe.

That’s the angle of a new campaign in Poland supporting energy-efficient products that waive the commission fees in an effort to get Poles to be more sustainable.

Research shows that although 88 percent of Poles believe everyone should care about air quality, only 60 percent believe they can influence it. So the campaign shows people the actions they can take, such as replacing windows, insulating buildings, riding a bike and buying energy-efficient equipment.

“Do we Poles have anything in common?” asks this 60-second commercial supporting the campaign. “Can’t see it? Because it’s the air.” [1:00]

A smog vacuum cleaner

Poland’s campaign also includes partnering with the Smog Free Project to bring its Smog Free Tower to Krakow. The seven-meter high tower is the world’s first smog vacuum cleaner. With its environment-friendly technology, it cleans 30,000 m3 per hour while using no more electricity than a water boiler.

“We want to inspire a proactive attitude,” says Barbara Pasterczyk, responsible for marketing and communication at ING in Poland.

“That’s why we’re showing that we share a common good and we can make a difference despite our differences.”

Smog Free Tower

Smog Free Tower

There’s a range of energy-efficient products, including mortgages, loans, credit for companies and communities, and leasing. All are being offered without the commission fee.

Poland’s campaign reflects ING’s global approach to contributing to a low-carbon and self-reliant society. As a large global bank, we have a duty to help fight climate change. This takes many forms at ING, from financing companies that are sustainable leaders, helping future-proof mid-corps and SMEs, and helping retail customers make their homes and lives more sustainable.

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