Sustainable finance for the real world

20 September 2021 ... min read Listen

There’s no way around it. The climate crisis is an extremely urgent and universal concern. The time to act is now.


For companies, the challenge of sustainable transformation is balancing the need to keep business in motion while making changes to reach their sustainability ambitions. It's complex, absolutely. This is why ING Wholesale Banking’s new global branding campaign pays tribute to the people and companies who, against all odds, are seeking to ignite, drive and lead sustainable change.

Like these boardroom changemakers, ING is committed to building for a more sustainable future. We understand that it’s progress, not perfection that counts – that becoming sustainable doesn’t happen overnight. It takes many smaller steps, sometimes challenging and into the unknown, to really take sustainability to the next level and beyond.

Working with our clients, we offer advice, financial solutions, research and valuable insights, so that they can do their thing… sustainably.

The campaign features a mix of advertising and actionable insights on our own channels as well as on LinkedIn and partner platforms such as the Financial Times, Wall Street Journal, Environmental Finance, TMI and Fast Company. This includes interviews with changemakers, research and analysis and a podcast on Spotify. Check it out on

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