The season for cashless giving!

03 January 2017 ... min read

3 January 2017

‘Tis the season for giving, and donating to charities should now be much easier with the introduction of a contactless collection box.

Contactless collection box

With fewer people these days choosing to have cash on hand, Dutch start-up Whydonate and ING came up with the contactless collection box where people can donate quickly, easily and safely with a contactless debit card or their mobile phone.

The idea is perfect for charities wishing to embark on door-to-door fundraising, a method that has suffered a downturn in recent years. Recent studies by ING’s Economics Bureau show that 52 percent of consumers don’t usually keep cash in their house.

The contactless collection box was co-developed with Whydonate in ING’s innovation lab ICEC in only 10 days. It will be introduced as a pilot in 2017 in the Netherlands.

The initiative not only improves the experience for collectors and donors alike, but has the potential to increase charities’ income.

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