Withdrawing money with your smartphone

26 September 2016 ... min read

26 September 2016

ING Direct Spain’s new service ‘Twyp Cash’ is live as of today. Customers can now withdraw money with their smartphone when paying for other purchases at more than 3,500 supermarkets and gas stations.

Using Twyp Cash is easy. Watch the video to see how it works.

The launch is part of ING Direct Spain’s commitment to offer simple and mobile services that meet customer needs. Customers only have to download the free app to use Twyp Cash, compatible with any iOS or Android smartphone.

A cheaper alternative

Consumers in Spain pay a commission when withdrawing money from ATMs that aren’t owned by their own bank. Twyp Cash now offers ING customers a cheaper alternative to competitors’ ATMs.

ING is partnering with Grupo DIA for Twyp Cash. DIA is one of the world’s leading specialist discount food retailers, with nearly 5,000 stores in Spain.

Twyp Cash is intended to grow further, according to Almudena Román, head of ING Direct Spain.

“We’ve created an open ecosystem that offers room for more partners and entities to join,” she said.

“With Twyp Cash, we are introducing new elements that will make banking more dynamic and foster competition for the benefit of consumers.”

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