"Fintechs give super power to our own capabilities"

03 October 2019 ... min read Listen

ING is serious about innovation and has the stories to prove it! In this second edition of our video series showcasing innovation, global head of fintechs Olivier Guillaumond takes a seat on The Big White Couch.

Olivier explains why and how we’re working with these young companies and provides examples of some of the more successful partnerships.

He mentions that apart from accelerating our strategy, fintechs give ‘super power’ to our own capabilities, provides access to the great talent that is out there and enables ING to learn from the most agile of companies.

Venturing out

In the video, Olivier mentions scouting over 2,000 fintechs and partnering with 190 of those. It has also made 28 investments through ING Ventures, a multi-million euro investment fund that helps entrepreneurs build businesses that empower customers to stay a step ahead in life and business.

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