The banana bike man

03 May 2018 ... min read Listen

3 May 2018

From Dutch bike mechanic to Romanian factory manager, Jan Wijnen’s decision to build a bicycle factory in Romania propelled him and his family into the journey of a lifetime.

Life cycle: Starting a new life and cycling business in Romania, Jan and Thea show us what it takes to fulfil a lifelong dream. [3:15]

Real courage starts with vulnerability and that’s exactly what happened with Jan and Thea Wijnen, who took the decision to start a small bicycle factory ( in Romania that employs around 25 people.

Along the way, there were no shortage of trials and tribulation. Tough decisions had to be made. Not just in business, but also in life. But they came out the other side and Jan remains adamant:

“I never regretted our decision in coming to Romania. Not once.”

We’re proud to have Jan and Thea as clients of ING in Romania. Thank-you for reminding us why we’re here.

‘The banana bike man’ is the first in a new series of short films celebrating the courageous steps clients take in their life and/or business.

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