Patta: We just did it

10 October 2017 ... min read Listen

10 October 2017

Edson Sabajo and business partner Guillaume Schmidt love hip-hop and they love sneakers. The sum of the two is the uber-cool lifestyle brand Patta.

How Edson and Guillaume and their Patta-family turned a sneaker shop in Amsterdam into an international life style brand. [2:37]

It was a bit of a crazy experiment, back in 2004. DJ Edson and MC Guillaume (“Gee”), both well-known figures in the Dutch hip-hop scene, travelled to New York to buy a couple of pairs of rare sneakers. Back in Amsterdam, they opened a little shop to sell them. Suddenly, they were in business.

Patta (Dutch slang for shoes) is a serious hobby, Edson says in the short film ‘Patta: We just did it’. The Patta team turned a hobby into a fast-growing company, selling footwear and gear through outlets in Amsterdam and London.

A winner of last year’s ING-supported Orange Trade Mission Fund, Patta will continue to forge their own path, but get help from ING to make in-roads into Asian markets.

‘Patta: We just did it’ is part of a series of short films celebrating the courageous steps clients take in their life and/or business.

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