CX Day: small things, big impact

Small changes can have a big impact for our customers! Last week, close to 6,000 employees teamed up in 13 countries to think customer experience and ways to improve it.

ING’s first global customer experience day (CX Day) saw retail teams across the globe come up with the best ideas to make our customers’ experience more personal, easy and smart. While some teams pitched their ideas in front of a jury, others worked directly on implementing them.

For instance, ING in Poland came up with the idea to make their banking app even more accessible for customers with hearing problems, offering content in sign language. ING in Romania introduced biometrics to authorise customers to do payments.

ING in Spain found a better way to track their customers’ experience and also developed a functionality on their banking app that allows customers to easily schedule branch appointments. ING in the Netherlands also came up with a new app functionality that allows customers to hide their bank balances with a hand gesture, so their privacy in public is guaranteed.

But it wasn’t just employees that brainstormed ideas. ING in Turkey invited customers and university students to test their ideas while ING in Spain even had 60 customers join them.

Both customers and employees were enthusiastic about the concept.

“I’m a ‘techie’ and I’m not directly in contact with customers, but talking to them face-to-face helped me to understand their needs, motivations and struggles,” said Jorge Calderón, one of ING’s participants.

ING is keen to make CX Day a yearly event.

CX Day in a nutshell

Number of participants: 5,800
Number of countries: 13
Countries involved: Australia, Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Italy, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Poland, Romania, Spain, Turkey.
Number of ideas: > 750

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