Ralph Hamers talks purpose, CX and sustainability

02 December 2019 ... min read Listen

CEO Ralph Hamer’s recently spoke to RBC Capital Markets for its ‘Imagine 2025’ series. With ‘Imagine 2025’, RBC looks at the key themes impacting companies across a number of industries, and considers how the newest technologies, innovations and digital trends will impact how consumers feel, shop and consume in the year 2025. ING was selected as one of the very few banks that is well-positioned to capture the opportunities of the new digital economy, with RBC describing ING as “At the forefront of… the digital universal banking model.”

At the forefront of investing in the digital universal banking model across different products and leveraging the offering over different regions and business segments.

- Ralph Hamers, CEO ING Groep N.V.

In this video interview titled “The Future of Banking”, Ralph explains how it all starts with a purpose, and how ING is putting its purpose into action with a differentiating customer experience on mobile devices. But our purpose is much broader than simply a focus on customers, it also speaks to ING’s role in society. Ralph highlights that ING’s commitment to acting in alignment with the Paris Agreement on Climate Change is all about the influence we can have on our clients and their activities. Finally, he explains the new way of working, managing and planning that is necessary to keep up with fast-paced change.

Watch the six minute video here:

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