Let’s talk innovation – ING 2.0?

19 November 2020 ... min read Listen

“We are looking at Fintonic as a version 2.0 of what ING is today.”



In the final episode of a four-part podcast series, Let’s Talk Innovation, ING Ventures’ Jan Willem Nieuwenhuize joins Fintonic founder and CEO Lupina Iturriaga to chat with host Jonathan Groubert on why fintechs matter. Jan Willem reveals that unlike some start-ups, Fintonic’s scale of one million active users “could be extrapolated to a bank like us” and that “ING could be like this…” in the future.

He also explains why ING invests in fintechs, the impacts of Covid-19 on the venture capital industry and the need for a European Banking Union.

Lupina details how Fintonic came into existence, taking a different approach to solving financial needs, having ING on speed dial and some of the disadvantages of being a start-up.

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