Terms of employment Executive Board

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Under the Dutch Corporate Governance Code, the main elements of the employment contract of Executive Board members with the company are required to be made public once the contract has been concluded, and in any event no later than the date of the notice convening the Annual General Meeting at which the appointment of the Executive Board member is proposed.

The material elements of the remuneration and benefits of the Executive Board members are included in below document.

Remuneration Executive Board

ING’s remuneration principles aim to maintain a sustainable balance between short and long-term value creation and builds on ING’s long-term responsibility towards customers, society and other stakeholders. Shareholders at the 2020 AGM approved new remuneration policies for members of the Executive Board and for the Supervisory Board. These came into effect retrospectively from 1 January 2020. See Remuneration section.

The Annual Report includes detailed information on the remuneration of the Executive Board. Please find the Remuneration Report in the Annual Report via the link below.

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