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Banks are entrusted with data about corporate clients as well as private individuals, and must consistently weigh the pros and cons between transparency and privacy.

Many of our stakeholders want to know which sectors we lend to. Being transparent about this is a very important aspect of sustainability. However, it’s also important to protect the privacy of our clients and confidentiality of our customers. Sometimes transparency and privacy can seem to be in conflict with each other.

As a result, ING aims to ensure that our disclosures provide a sufficient level of detail into our lending activities without breaching our clients´ trust and confidentiality agreements.


We disclose our credit risk exposure per economic sector in our annual report.

By far, the largest part of our loan book consists of residential mortgages and consumer loans.

We provide a detailed breakdown of our entire portfolio of over €930 billion, listing our loans outstanding as of December 2022 per economic sector. This is in line with the Dutch Banking Association’s transparency protocol, which ING helped create. You can view ING's portfolio overview (PDF 0.1 MB) here.


ING is actively involved in all developments in financial supervision and regulation in all countries we do business in.

Our goal is to improve financial supervision and regulation – and how it’s put into practice – in a way that supports the interests of our stakeholders (including customers) to the fullest extent possible.

We are transparent about how we lobby and the positions we take. See: ING supervision and Regulation.


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