Income taxes

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ING has about 52,000 employees worldwide serving nearly 33 million customers in more than 40 countries. As a responsible global company, we pay taxes in the countries where we’re active.

ING pays taxes at the normal rates in the countries where we’re active. ING’s (weighted) average global effective tax rate for the last three years amounts to 28.6%. We don’t have any entities in ‘tax havens’ to reduce our total tax bill. We don’t provide customers with tax advice.

We are mindful that every aspect of our business, including our approach to tax, has an impact on society. ING’s Tax Principles clarify our views on responsible tax behaviour.

The Tax Principles we live by are based on ING’s values and what we find important. Next to that, conversations with various stakeholders provided insight into what they found important for a responsible taxpayer like ING such as transparency.

These Tax Principles are applicable worldwide. Our employees must act with integrity and adhere to ING’s Values when managing tax affairs.

It’s important for us to keep our employees up to date and make sure they consistently make the correct decisions in line with our Tax Principles. One way we do this is to regularly hold internal meetings where presentations are given and dilemmas are discussed, with our experts explaining what the right choice for ING is and why.

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